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Welcome to the official website, blog and shop for Art Maxwell, Tonal Gravity and the Tonal Gravity Records label.

Art is an internationally renowned musician who has performed with many of the world’s top Jazz artists to rave reviews in the U.S., Europe and Russia. 
He is also co-founder of the Berkeley Saxophone Quartet.

Lee Hildebrand of the East Bay Express says Art is “…a first rate flutist and composer.”

“Art plays the hell out of the flute…” is the take by jazz legend Stan Getz.

Art formed Steinwell Music with Jeff Feldstein and founded Tonal Gravity Records in 1988. CD record releases followed in 1989, 1990, and 2000.

PHOTO: Art Maxwell performing at a 2012 event with Diane Witherspoon and the Calvin Keys Quartet at Oakland’s 57th Street Gallery.

The latest CD release from Tonal Gravity Records is Quantum Leaps — an original and unique offering that includes jazz heavyweights E.W. Wainwright Jr. and Eddie Marshall, and features Art’s unique stylings on the shakuhachi, flute and bass flute.

TGR News: Honoring Lee Kramka »

“Special thank you to Art Maxwell. Flautist, clarinetist, saxophone phenom and more. We wouldn’t be here without the support of our wonderful clients. We greatly appreciate the recognition you have bestowed.”

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TGR News: Art Maxwell Featured On These Hot New CDs:

Pascal Bokar: Guitar Balafonics

“…Maxwell’s flute floats through the melodies…”
– jazzweekly.com

Calvin Keys: Close Enough For Love

“…stunned by these tracks…”
– dustygroove.com




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